Waiting for You on that Slope

(The fanlisting portion of) Mash Up opened on December 27, 2012 after receiving approval in November. Watanabe's works have been among my most beloved series, and now that I'm able to appreciate them with a more critical eye, I felt it best to put that inspiration to good use.

The "Director" section is still in progress, as I've already outlined a bunch of things I wanted to talk about and will get to writing that up hopefully very soon!

About the Title

One of the things I love about Watanabe's style is its eclecticism. Coupling that with his passion for music, I decided "Mash Up" best encapsulated his ability to weave together so many interesting elements for unconventional stories, characters, and settings. I wish it had a bit more punch to it, but I'm quite satisfied with the turn out.

About the Layout

Thought I'd try something a little different with the menu this time around and feature Watanabe's 3 major works as functional panels. Save for the Sakamichi portrait I snagged from Google, I've scanned in the images of Bebop, Champloo, and Watanabe myself. The simplicity will hopefully keep it timeless enough, and I quite like the Anconventional font from DaFont since it adds some spice to the headers.

Speaking of which, the header titles are all lyrics from either the OP or ED of one of Watanabe's anime series. I thought it'd keep the musical theme going and it was fun trying to find words that fit a section.

Graphics were designed in Adobe Photoshop CS5 and structure was handcoded in TextEdit.


Credits should be placed where appropriate, but if you find that there is something that hasn't been identified properly, please don't hesitate to contact me about it.